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This is where the posts will be at as of today. This community is already a year old, but I think I just got sick of it. Actually, the name, really But yes! If you would still like to follow, please join/watch sarang_graphics ^__^

There isn't an icon-post yet, but there is a new tutorial up! See you there ♥


I'M NOT DEAD. REALLY I'M NOT. Icons will be posted soon, hopefully >->;;

Hopefully this will be helpful to you guys :DCollapse )

[ icon post #21 ]

Yay, you guys didn't need to wait forfuckingever for this post :3 ♥ I kind of dis stuff differently cause well. The screencaps that I used had to be used differently. So it came out kinda weird. Tell me what you think o-o

Also, not that many icons this time around. Hmmmm.

Officials plan for massive inaugural turnout: Federal and local officials are bracing for an expected massive turnout for the January 20, 2009, inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, but say predictions of close to 5 million visitors to Washington are too high....Collapse )

[ Icon Post #20 pt I ]

OH MY GOD, PLEASE FORGIVE ME @___@!!!! I just had a busy month, really! This was actually supposed to be posted last Friday, but it was my birthday week so I just didn't and like. . . Yeah. Sorry about the long wait. At least there is 207 icons behind the cut? :D? . . . The lj-post will not post with these many icons, for some reason. Therefore it will be cut up into two posts. :x

Anyway, next time won't take so long, promise. . . I also promise a new layout for the community, so please stay in tuned! ^__^V

Mall shooting kills 1; suspect sought. One man died and another was in serious condition Saturday evening after they were shot at a shopping center in Tukwila, Washington. A search for the shooter is currently under way, a police spokesman said...Collapse )

[ Icon Post #19 ]

Post number nineteen! -- And this is assorted. Back to them, yes :D And... Nothing much. I'm trying to add 'new' icons in, like stock and such cause I get really easily bored making icons of the same things all the time and um... Yeah. ahhahahaha. :| Anyways, enjoy ~

A Louisiana man has filed a lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey, claiming she and an attorney made false statements that led the FBI to arrest him on charges that he tried to extort the talk-show host...Collapse )
Another tutorial for you guys! -- This is another coloring tutorial, and since I haven't made one in a while... Yeah. loll. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PLAY AROUND THE SETTINGS. Believe me, it'll come out way better. :]

*Use images that have a lot of green saturation in it. . . Like PV shots from The GazettE's GUREN.

McCain, Obama at odds over taxes, economy. Squaring off in the second of three debates, John McCain and Barack Obama disagreed over their tax plans. 'He wants to raise taxes,' McCain said. Obama countered that he wants to cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans and accused McCain of favoring the wealthy...Collapse )


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